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Innovative Outplacement Services

Help your employees transition to their next career with confidence while controlling risk and protecting your brand through organizational change and workforce restructuring.

Outcome Driven Outplacement


7 Days to Job Search Readiness

From their first interaction with our career transition team, your outgoing employees will be job search ready in 7 business days on average.


15 Days to First Interview

With a strategic career transition plan in place and a professional set of job search documents, our users land their first interview in 15 business days.


7.24 Weeks to Landing

After their first interview, our outcome driven outplacement service will help your employees move on to new employment in 7.24 weeks.


100% Program Completion Rate

Our users see outcome-driven results at each step of the career transition process, generating a 100% service completion rate with employees excited about their job search.


Program Metrics for HR Teams

Gain visibility into all aspects of your outplacement service to create accurate reporting, manage liabilities, and measure career transition success.

Offboarding Dashboards for HR

Measure the performance of your outplacement program for each outgoing employee using built in offboarding metrics and reports.

Goal Optimized Career Transition

Our Reviews

"I am 100% happy with my new resume. I'm so excited to start my new career :)"

Wendy T.
Vancouver, BC

"As promised my resume did land me an interview for the job I was seeking in provincial government."

Patricia K.
Ottawa, ON

"They made my resume into something amazing that I know will get me noticed! 10/10"

Aubrey C.
Calgary, AB

"Resume Target exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!"

Randy S.
Edmonton, AB

"I had 12 interviews with so many well-known global firms and I got to pick out of 3 offers."

Sade F.
Toronto, ON
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