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About First Work:

First Work is a leading membership organization bringing together the best providers of youth programming and employment services, business and industry leadership, academia, and government in developing solutions for youth employment. Our direct engagement with youth ensures our services are relevant, culturally appropriate, and timely. Our membership community helps to shape our work and place us in a position where we bridge the gap between young people and employment opportunities.

Who We Work For:

Youth. If you're between the ages of 15-30, good news - we're working to get you to employment. All our initiatives are geared towards giving young people a fair shot at finding and retaining a job. We make this happen through collaboration, research, and using our collective voice for advocacy.

Employment Service Providers. Our members, our colleagues, our partners in delivering the best service possible to Ontario's young people - Employment Service Providers. These folks on the frontlines help to prepare youth for employment, and once they're prepped, connect them with employers to land a job.

Government. Through our members, we have eyes on the ground across Ontario, giving us a full view of the Youth Employment Service landscape. This allows us to support governments in their policy and funding decisions by providing a unified voice for the sector so that young people facing barriers can be best supported.

Employers. Employers are a critical partner is moving the needle on decent work. The nature of work is changing, and so is the employment landscape. We help job-providers prepare for the talent-pool of youth-facing-barriers. We also help to identify suitable candidates, in collaboration with our members, for large-scale hiring opportunities.

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General Inquiries: [email protected]
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