Job Alerts

Daily Job Alerts

To receive position postings featured on multiple external job boards,
sign up here to receive Daily Targeted Job Alerts.

Fill out the form to the right of the page to receive job alerts that correspond to your target position, industry and location.

Resume Target's job feed system compiles a list of suitable job postings from major and niche job boards across North America.

This tool will allow you to:
  • • Receive a list of job postings by position title
  • • Access to job postings within your desired geographic location
  • • Receive a compiled list from all major and niche job boards
  • • No time limit - receive daily job alerts indefinitely

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for job alerts?

Fill out the form above with your name, email address and the position title you are targeting. Then click Send Me Jobs!  Do this for every position title you want to receive an email alert for.

What job title should I request alerts for?

Be as specific as possible to receive the best results. For example, don't just say "Assistant". Instead, be specific and say, "Executive Assistant" or "Administrative Assistant" to receive alerts specific to your field of work.

What location should I choose?

Enter the name of the city you would like to work in if it is different from the city you currently reside in. If you live in a suburb but plan to work downtown, enter the name of the city instead of the suburb.

How long will I receive the alerts for?

There is no time limit. You will continue to receive daily job alerts until you unsubscribe from the service.

How often will I receive the job alert email?

You will receive one email per day for each position title you sign up for. The email will contain all available positions that correspond to your desired position and location.

How do I cancel the job alert service?

Within the job alert email that you receive, there is an option to unsubscribe from the service.