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Customer Service Resume Service

As a customer service professional, you represent the face of your company everyday. Your customer service resume needs to show how you deliver a top-level client experience while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

A customer service resume writing service will highlight the dynamic interpersonal skills you use to drive efficiency, profit, and customer retention. Your commitment to deliver quality client services will be an asset no matter which branch of the industry you are in.

When collaborating with one of our customer service resume writers, we will transfer your excellent relationship management skills on paper and excite employers about your advanced interpersonal abilities.

Whether you use a professional customer service resume writing service or try to tell the story on your own, your resume needs to show you're a great fit in a competitive field.

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Customer Service Resumes We Write

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Secretary
  • Operator
  • Director, Client Experience
  • Client Care Professional
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Hotel Clerk
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Want to try it yourself? Here's 5 tips to write a customer service resume:

1. Show your interpersonal skills

All levels of customer service involve communication and interpersonal engagement – make sure to demonstrate how you provide a high level of customer service and client relations by using these skills.

2. Position yourself as a trusted voice

Show how you establish yourself as a trusted voice with your customer base. Your ability to build and maintain positive working relationships is an asset you need to highlight in your customer service resume.

3. Keep it focused on customer service

The customer service industry expands across multiple sectors. Keep your resume focused on your industry-specific customer service experience. Don’t dilute the focus of your resume by describing unrelated job duties you’ve had.

4. Highlight your technical skills

Describe any technical skills that you are familiar with or have used in the past. This includes anything from order processing and payment transactions to email and software proficiency.

5. Present your ability to solve problems

Describe your approach to conflict resolution and solving customer disputes. Use this as an accomplishment to detail how you went above and beyond for a key account to retain their business.

Top keywords for a customer service resume:

  • Customer Relations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workflow Management
  • Back & Front Office Operations
  • Client Engagement
  • Needs Assessments
  • Client Care
  • Process Improvements

Technical Skills:

  • Data Entry
  • Transaction Management
  • Invoicing & Billing Processes
  • Document Management
  • Administrative Support

Leadership Skills:

  • Training & Supervision
  • Team Coordination
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Service Level Standard Control
  • Performance Evaluation

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Our expert team of resume writers work with all career levels and types of customer service professionals. Find out how we can help you impress recruiters and hiring managers with our customer service resume writing services:

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