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Reach more recruiters with our Resume Distribution engine

Leverage the power of 18,000+ registered recruiters and hiring managers. With the press of a button, your resume is distributed directly to recruiters in your city and industry.

Resume Distribution in 3 Steps


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Resume Distribution is available at all resume writing career levels in the Preferred package or above. Upgrade your service at any time to add Resume Distribution.

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Once you've added Resume Distribution, our support team will guide you through a 3-step process to distribute your resume to the industry, location, and job targets of your choice.


Access Your Recruiters List

After submiting your resume through our Resume Distribution engine, you're sent a list of recruiters who received your resume including their personal contact info.


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Resume Distribution is available at any career level on our Preferred package and above.

If you'd like to add Resume Distribution to the Essential package, simply add Resume Distribution to your cart at checkout.

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After completing the Resume Distribution process, you are sent a list of the registered recruiters and hiring managers in our network that received your resume. The Recruiter List includes the location and company name of each recruiter.

Once distributed, your resume is held securely in the recruiters' database. They will contact you directly if they have an open opportunity that matches your skills and experience.