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As a new or recent graduate, your biggest resume challenge is to convince employers that you are now ready to take your academic skills and apply them in the real world.

Your job prospects are wide open and it’s important to enter the market for the first time with a professional student resume. Your student resume needs to show how your project work, co-ops, or internship experience has prepared you for your first career role.

A resume writer specializing in student resumes will extract the value of your coursework and projects and use that to convince your future employer that you’re ready to step in to the working world and hit the ground running.

Whether you use a professional student resume writing service or try to tell the story on your own, your resume needs to show that you have the tools to succeed in a role with real influence.

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Want to try it yourself? Here's 5 tips to write a successful student resume:

1. Focus on your projects

Detail 3 to 4 academic projects, research assignments, or case studies you completed on your student resume. Focus on the challenge, solution, and result of these projects and show your future employer you have the foundational skill and ability to succeed.

2. Highlight industry experience

Make the most of your internship or co-op experience on your student resume. Describe the tasks or duties you completed that directly relate to the type of roles you are applying to.

3. Show relevant coursework

List your relevant coursework and highlight some key skills you acquired from these courses. Be selective with the courses you list, focus on 3rd and 4th year classes, and don’t include your entire transcript.

4. Provide a sample of your skills

Create a section on your student resume dedicated to the skills you acquired from the coursework you have listed. Describe any hands-on skills you developed and emphasize your ability to lead or collaborate on a project.

5. Don’t list your grades

If you were a straight A student, listing you GPA isn’t the worst idea. With that said, it is not essential so don’t fret if you weren’t the greatest student. Employers are more interested in whether or not you graduated and what you learned along the way.

Top keywords for a student resume:

  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Coordination
  • Deadline Adherence
  • Oral & Written Communication
  • Data Entry

Technical Skills:

  • Data Entry Software
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • AutoCAD
  • MS Office

Leadership Skills:

  • Project Management
  • Campus Leadership
  • Event Planning
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership
  • Academic Management

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Our expert team of resume writers work with all career levels and types of student professionals. Find out how we can help you impress recruiters and hiring managers with our student resume writing services:

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